966 (Wallingford) Squadron

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Squadron Staff

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Civilian Committee

Helena McBride (Chairman)

Sarah Venners (Secretary)

Debbie Moore(Member)

Nadia Thomas (Member)

David Powell (Member)

Dave Acreman (Treasurer)

Kevin Beer (Squadron Padre)

Bernie Thorrington (Member)

Rob Laidlar (Member)

Suzanne Shallis (Member)

The Civilian and Welfare Committee is the squadron backbone. Squadrons cannot operate without a functioning Civilian and Welfare Committee, and all parents of cadets are automatically members of the Squadron Association which is represented by the Civilian and Welfare Committee. The roles and responsibilities include the need to raise non-public funds to spend on some cadet activities, minibuses, trips, equipment etc that are not funded centrally. In addition, the Civilian and Welfare Committee has a welfare role to ensure that cadets and staff are being looked after. 
The Civilian and Welfare Committee of squadrons is often made up of parents who wish to contribute; and local community leaders such as teachers, local business people, councillors and parents of ex-cadets. 
Civilian and Welfare Committees usually meet around 6 times a year and will have additional Fundraising events such as Christmas Bag Packs and summer fetes to support.

Are you able to expand your horizons and be part of our adventure? Please contact chair.966@aircadets.org.or Thames Valley Wing Headquarters on 01235 547 990 for more information on your local squadron.

RAF Air Cadets Civilian Committee Leaflet