966 (Wallingford) Squadron

Aviation Studies

As well as exciting and challenging activities, the Air Training Corps also offers a wide variety of qualifications. Every cadet has the opportunity to gain an NVQ in Aviation Studies or even a BTEC in Public Services or Music. The Air Training Corps is the sole provider of the BTEC Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma in Aviation Studies.As a member of the Air Training Corps, every cadet will study various subjects including learning how an aircraft flies as part of the Principles of Flight syllabus and how to navigate on an expedition as part of the Basic Navigation with Map and Compass syllabus. Whilst being extremely useful when taking part in the practical activities that the ATC has to offer these subjects also count towards the BTEC in Aviation Studies. The ATC academic syllabus is designed to enable cadets to get the most out of the practical activities on offer.

Qualifications for being a cadet

Below is an outline of what the BTEC in Aviation Studies is equivalent to:The BTEC Award in Aviation Studies if awarded to every cadet that completes the ATC academic syllabus. By attending the Squadron and participating in classes cadets can earn qualifications that will help to make their CV look great. As covered in the Cadet Classifications page, cadets must show an understanding of the syllabus through exams or assessment by an instructor.

  • BTEC Award in Aviation Studies – equivalent to 1 GCSE A-C grade
  • BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies – equivalent to 2 GCSE’s A-C grades

If you want more information about the BTEC in Aviation Studies speak to your Squadron Training Officer who will be able to provide you with more detailed information on how to claim the qualification.

Learning for Life

On completing the Leading Cadet syllabus cadets can sign up for the BTEC in Public Services or Music.  Administered by the CVQO these qualifications can be achieved with a little extra work on top of what you do as a cadet.  Each of these qualifications build on the activities you take part in as a cadet, such as spending time away from home on camp to participating in a leadership course.  These awards require you to do some work away from the Squadron but these usually involve you reflecting on how you performed on a certain activity or investigate a particular aspect of the Public Services or Music production.

Below is an outline of what the BTECs in Public Services and Music are equivalent to:

  • BTEC First Diploma in Public Services – equivalent to 4 GCSE’s A-C grades.
  • BTEC First Diploma in Music – equivalent to 4 GCSE’s A-C grades.

For further information on the different qualifications that are available to you as an Air Cadet check out the CVQO website or speak to your Squadron Training Officer for more information.

Activity qualifications

As well as academic qualifications, the ATC also supports its members in gaining National Governing Body (NGB) qualifications in activities such as hillwalking, kayaking and First Aid.  These allow our staff to provide safe and exciting activities for our cadets.  Below are some examples of the qualifications that are commonly offered to older cadets and staff:

  • Basic Expedition Leaders Award
  • Hill and Moorland Leader Award
  • Mountain Leader Award
  • Heartstart Instructor

For more information on the qualifications on offer speak with your Commanding Officer or a member of Squadron staff.