966 (Wallingford) Squadron

Marksmanship and Fieldcraft

The ATC’s marksmanship and fieldcraft programmes give you the opportunity to learn skills that are useful in a field environment.  The ability to be self-sufficient is one of the key skills delivered through fieldcraft training and is useful in both other cadet activities as well as life in general.  Fieldcraft consists of a number of exciting and fun activities such as how to cook in the field, constructing shelters and how to move effectively in the open without being seen.  Fieldcraft is a great way of developing your leadership skills and provide you with plenty of opportunities to work with other cadets.

Hit the right mark

Staff are on hand to assist cadets with marksmanship techniques

Marksmanship is one of the most popular activities within the Air Training Corps.  Once you are enrolled as a cadet you will be instructed on the safety principles and techniques of marksmanship.  This training is provided in an in-depth and comprehensive manner so you fully understand what is being delivered.  Once the qualified staff are happy with the training you have received you will be given the opportunity to go on the range.

Safe systems of training

The training you receive in marksmanship principles starts off simple.  Your introduction is most likely to be with an air rifle and you will be shownSONY DSC how to safely handle the rifle.  Squadron staff will be on hand to ensure you are safe as well as having as good time.

As time progresses you will receive other training on different rifles.  At each stage you will undertake tests to ensure you are safe when on the range.  Whilst undertaking target shooting you will have coaching staff with you to provide tips on body position, breathing, sight picture and other techniques to allow you to be right on target.

As your skill increases you can earn different marksmanship badges for your uniform.  Understandably the greater your skill the better the badge awarded.  To find out more about the different marksmanship opportunities available to air cadets check out the Air Cadet website or ask for further information on Squadron.

Self-sufficiency in the field

SA10Cadets learn how to cook in a field environment

The ATC also offers field-craft training to all cadets.  Highly popular, this activity allows you to work as part of a team, whilst learning a little more about being self-sufficient.  As with all training within the ATC, things start off simple.  You will learn ‘how not to be seen’, as well as how to move and communicate without making a noise.

Fieldcraft is often used alongside leadership tasks and involves a scenario so the cadets feel like they have an objective to complete as part of the training.  This can be locating a ‘downed pilot’ or ‘defusing a custard bomb’.

Fieldcraft training is conducted using camouflaged uniform.  To save on cost or purchasing the wrong uniform, most Squadron are able to provide this uniform.  If not they can point you towards a local ‘Army Surplus’ store.  For more information on fieldcraft training, why not contact your local Squadron.