Air Rifle Competition

target 1On Saturday 21st November nine cadets from 966 (Wallingford) Sqn joined those from 2121 (Abingdon) Sqn to spend the day air rifle shooting.  The aim of shooting in the Air Cadet Organisation is to allow cadets to participate safely in shooting competitions with small-bore, full-bore and air rifles and develop an appreciation of shooting as a sport up to Olympic level.

Cadets were given lessons on safe handling of weapons and then specific training to use the BSA Scorpion air rifle in a safe manner. After the training each cadet had to pass a weapon handling test to confirm they had learnt the material sufficiently.

Training was followed by a range practice of five rounds grouping followed by five rounds deliberate. The aim of a grouping practice is to target2get all of the rounds as close together on the target by aiming each shot at the same point. A deliberate practice involves getting the round to strike as close to the centre of each target as possible.

Cdt Cleverley, who scored the highest points on the day, described the day, “air rifle shooting was tremendous fun. I had never touched an air rifle before, yet I managed to win the competition. I highly recommend this course and all in all I had an amazing day.”

After the final shot was fired the cadets made sure the training area was tidy and said a big “thank you” to staff from 2121 (Abingdon) Sqn and our Sector Commander.


Plt Off O’Riordan RAF VR(T)