Annual Inspection 2011

On Thursday 5th May, cadets showed off their squadron in the most recent annual inspection conducted by the Wing Executive Officer, Sqn Ldr Haines, and the Wing Warrant Officer, WO Lambert.

During the course of the evening, cadets took part in an inspection, followed by an opportunity to impress the inspectors with their drill. After a short break, cadets faced a quiz about the ATC and the RAF. The three cadet groups took on the single staff group in a “battle of the minds”. One of the cadets said “it was an extremely fun night and all the cadets had a lot of fun.” The cadets were all very proud of what was achieved and were extremely happy when one of the inspectors said that we were a great squadron and had the potential to become even better. The Wing Warrant Officer was very pleased with the amount of girls on the squadron and hoped to see a female team for the drill competition.