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Leadership exercise at 966

On Thursday 7th April cadets took part in several exercises in which they had to complete a task using their training and ingenuity. The cadets were split into 2 groups, each having one cadet appointed as team leader who was given the chance to show and improve his/her leadership ability. Cpl Payne said “It was a great success and I was extremely pleased at some of the potential Corporals.”

The exercises that the cadets had to complete involved using trust, precision, physical abilities and mental abilities.  In one of the exercises cadets had to defuse a bomb in 15 minutes whilst reading a coded message, telling them which wire to cut. Another exercise involved guiding a team member around an obstacle course to collect vital software. This was done with 2

Cadets take part in a field exercise with Newbury Squadron

966 (Wallingford) Cadets Hupe, Why and Payne joined Newbury in a joint fieldcraft exercise at Bramley training area lasting 4 days.  During the 4 days, the cadets had to overcome different challenges like camping out in bivvys and cooking on hexamine. Cadets were also given training on reconnaissance, ops (building a shelter, hiding and spying on the enemy) contact drills and navigation by the staff of various squadrons.  They were then given opportunities to test these new skills in 2 night exercises on Saturday and Sunday.  All the cadets said they thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and would encourage others to come to any future fieldcraft exercises.