966 (Wallingford) Squadron

Drill & Discipline

Not only is the Air Cadet’s a fantastic youth organisation but it also has its history closely linked with the Royal Air Force. 2011 marked the 70th anniversary of the Air Training Corps and, in that time, the organisation has gone from strength to strength to become one of the best youth organisations in which to gain skills, develop qualities and earn qualifications.

The Air Cadet Organisation is priviledged to be able to wear the same uniform as the Royal Air Force and therefore must adhere to the same levels of discipline and standards.

Each cadet who joins us is issued with a uniform which includes everything they will need on a regular parade night.  To ensure standards of uniform are upheld uniform inspections are held to identify development points and also to praise hard work. This helps to build mutual respect between staff and cadets. As such when moving around the Squadron or when speaking to officers or adult NCOs the correct compliments must be paid.

As part of inital training, cadets are shown how to wear and care for their uniform to ensure it reaches the highest standards, as well as how to behave on the squadron.