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North Moreton Air Pageant

On the 5th of July sixteen cadets and four staff members from 966 (Wallingford) squadron attended the North Moreton Air Pageant organised by our Honorary President Polly Vacher, a renowned aviator who holds many world records for long distance flying including being the first person to fly solo around the world landing on all seven continents. The biennial event is used to help raise funds for local charities including the Oxfordshire air ambulance.

The day began at RAF Benson where the 966 contingent boarded an RAF Puma helicopter for a lift to North Moreton! The helicopter doors were left open during the flight which meant that we got excellent views of the river Thames and the Didcot power station with the spaces left by the recently demolished cooling towers! Once

RAF Benson Families’ Day

On Monday 20 July 2015 a number of cadets from Wallingford joined cadets from other squadrons to provide support in the organisation of the annual RAF Benson Families’ Day which is one of the ways the station shows appreciation of the sacrifices service personnel and their families make on a daily basis.

Initially, cadets helped set up various exhibits and demonstrations and later in the day provided support with car parking, crowd line control and RAFBF charity collections.  The bonus of the day is that they witnessed first-hand the impressive display of flying in the afternoon starting with the Red Arrows who despite the low cloud performed most of their repertoire of precision flying. This was followed by two flypasts of the Avro Vulcan XH558 which is in its last

Air Experience Flying

On the morning of Friday 27 February 8 cadets from 966 (Wallingford) Squadron attended air experience flying at RAF Benson. This was the first time cadets from the squadron had been flying during a normal school week. For this thanks should go to the head teachers of Wallingford and Langtree Schools for granting permission for Wallingford cadets who attend those schools to participate in this opportunity.

Sgt Joe Morrison, Cpl Matthew Osborne, Cdts Toby Wales, Cameron Albon-Wilkinson and Nicholas Brown from Wallingford School joined Cdts Nicola Payne, Mollie Judd and Thomas Bartlett from Langtree School to experience what was a perfect day for flying.  Also attending with Wallingford in the morning were another 8 cadets from Woodley and Witney squadrons.

The cloudless sky on Friday, in contrast to the weather

The Sky’s the Limit

Over the last few months, 966 (Wallingford) Squadron Air Cadets has seen a number of cadets developing their leadership and communication skills. The Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Chris Johnson, recently promoted Cadets Joseph Morrison and Ethan Baggott to the rank of Cadet Sergeant and Cadets Matthew Osborne and Charlie Steptoe to the rank of Cadet Corporal, putting them on the first rung of the Non-Commissioned Officer ladder.

Squadron Leader Johnson, said “One of the aims of the Air Cadets is to develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship. When we promote cadets we aim to encourage the growth of their leadership skills, and encourage them to take on a greater role in running their Squadron. It also recognises the effort and enthusiasm they have shown so far in their

RAF Benson – Merlin Air Experience Flight

The 17 cadets of 966 (Wallingford) Squadron ATC who helped out at the RAF Benson 75th Anniversary celebrations were invited to the base on 21 July for a flight in a Merlin helicopter.

The evening was arranged by Sqn Ldr Ryan Morris of 28 (AC) Squadron and hosted by Sgt Stephanie Cole, a member of the squadron aircrew,

Prior to the flight the cadets were given a safety briefing by Sgt Cole who also demonstrated various items of operational equipment currently used by the crew on the helicopter, including night vision aids and survival jackets. Cadets were also given the opportunity to sit on the flight deck where Sgt Cole explained the flight controls and navigational equipment.

Then came the bad news! It transpired that the

RAF Benson 75th Anniversary Celebrations

On 4 May 2014 cadets from the squadron assisted at the RAF Benson 75th Anniversary celebrations which were held in Benson village.

Early in the morning 16 cadets assembled to carry out their first assigned task which was to deploy as crowd control as first a Merlin and then a Puma Mk2 helicopter landed on the village playing field.

Following this the cadets commenced their primary task of the day which was the erection of 12 tents supplied by the RAF which were later to be used by various exhibiters and charity organisations. One of these tents the cadets used themselves to demonstrate typical leadership exercises.

Throughout the day a number of activities had been organised by RAF

Swimming for Success

At Temple Pool in Cowley, Oxford, the Cadets of the Air Training Corps Thames Valley Wing turned out in force to swim to win the right to progress to the Regional competition.

10 Cadets from 966 Wallingford turned up to compete, supported by the commanding officer at his last wing event as a member of the squadron. There were 8 in the junior boys and 2 in the senior boys categories. Winning gold in three events (Junior Boys Butterfly, Individual Medley and Team Medley) Cadet Marcus Gardner says ‘I thoroughly enjoyed wing swimming and am delighted about the three medals and being selected for region’, He and the rest of the medley team (Cadets Blomfield, Osborne and Pugh) were delighted too when they beat the competition by about

North Moreton Air Pageant

On Sunday 25 August 17 cadets and 4 members of staff from 966 (Wallingford) Squadron ATC attended the North Moreton Air Pageant organised by Peter and Polly Vacher at Melhuish Farm.

This year, courtesy of 28 (AC) Squadron, RAF Benson, the cadets and staff were transported from Benson in the Merlin helicopter which was scheduled to be part of the event.  The short flight which started out on a grey and drizzly day was the first time many of the cadets had flown in a Merlin. After disembarking the cadets were soon briefed by Polly about their duties of the day, which involved helping with event activities such as, manning the entrance gate, keeping the site free of rubbish and crowd control.

There were a number of

Royal International Air Tattoo

During July a number of cadets from the Squadron were lucky enough to attend the Royal International Air Tattoo (R.I.A.T.) annual camp at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. The camp had many purposes, one of which was to support the organisers in running the biggest air show in the UK. 

Cadets had the opportunity to spend either 7, 10 or 14 days on the camp. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 10 day camp between the 16th and 26th of July. Upon our arrival we were given a safety brief which included everything from campsite safety to what to do in the case of an emergency (which thankfully was never put in practise). After the briefing, cadets settled into their accommodation.

The following day

National Air Cadet Training Centre – Llanbedr 2013

Llanbedr was amazing from very start to very end.

First off we all met up at Edward Brookes Barracks where the majority of us piled into the minibus for the very long trip to Wales.  Arriving at Llanbedr we met all the staff and other cadets.

The first full day there we went canoeing; we all either did our 1 star or 2 star canoeing course. Afterwards we all had great fun jumping off rocks and getting loads of photos. The second day we did a 1 star or 2 star kayaking course during which I went too fast and capsized.

On the third day half of us went climbing and the other half went walking, I went with the climbing group on the 20 metre