Clay Pigeon Shooting

Three cadets from Wallingford Squadron were lucky enough to attend a central sector clay pigeon shooting day on the 25th of October. After getting arriving we were given a full safety brief and handed hearing, eye and head protection, and were taught how to safely handle and use the shotguns. These were over-under double barrelled guns, shooting either 12 gauge or 20 gauge (the size of the shot) depending on shooter preference.

All the cadets scored very well on the day, from a combination of different scenarios including high flying clay pigeons and “rabbits” whereby a  clay was bounced along the ground to simulate a bounding rabbit.

I brought along my GoPro camera to capture first person footage of the shoot, this should give you the best feel of what it’s like to shoot clay pigeons.

Through the Air Cadets the shooting was very enjoyable and relaxed, significantly cheaper than commercial shooting, but above all safety was paramount.

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All the cadets thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are very much looking forward to returning.

Click on image below for a short video……

Sgt Baker