CO’s last night and Squadron promotions

The Squadron’s last CO’s parade was Flt Lt Norcross’s last night as OC 966, and indeed his last night as an RAFVR(T) Officer in the UK, as he was moving to New Zealand!

Flt Lt Norcross presented a number of cadets with awards, made a number of promotions (listed below) and made a leaving speech to members of the Squadron. He was presented with a card from the cadets, a cookie cake and a Squadron t-shirt from FS Whiteside, and the staff also signed a card for him. He then formally handed over control of the Squadron to the incoming CO, Flt Lt Churnside, a long-serving Officer with 966 Squadron.

    Promotions made:
  • Sgt Ewers to FS
  • Sgt Whiteside to FS
  • Cdt Evans to Cpl
  • Cdt Taylor to Cpl
  • Cdt Harrington to Cpl
  • CI Lee also recently passed her wing and region boards for Commission and is now in uniform as the Squadron’s Plt Off.


    By Off Cdt Lee