Llanbedr AT Camp

A number of 966 cadets and staff recently attended a week’s adventure training at NACATC Llanbedr, one of the Corps’ Adventure Training centres – 7 days of hard work, exercise and (mostly) great weather!

During the week, the cadets participated in low level walking around the North Wales countryside, as well as high level mountain walking and a night of wild camping, having carried all their equipment along and set up their own camp. They also enjoyed two days of outdoor rock climbing and abseiling, and some time on the centre’s climbing wall and high ropes course. They were also taught some useful knots in a knot-work workshop with CI Rowan and Fg Off Beasley. A tiring week for everyone! On the thursday evening, the cadets were all taken down to the beach for a game of kwik cricket, from which A flight, under 966’s Cpl Godfrey, emerged victorious (both other flights having registered negative score!).

After 6 days of exhausting activities and great food, the last night was a BBQ, complete with marshmallows to toast and paper plate awards. Of course, the last evening’s water fight needs to be mentioned, with some great planning involved by the staff to water bomb the Camp Comm, Fg Off Christlieb!

Off Cdt Lee, WO Barker and Sgt (RAF) Walsh attended from the staff and Cpls Payne and Godfrey and Cdts Woollard, Hasker and West from the cadets; the girls making up a full 50% of the wing’s strength of female cadets at the camp. Hopefully, the cadets will all want to return for another AT camp with the wing next year! If you’re interested in developing your AT skills with the ATC, talk to the Training Officer or AT Officer at the Squadron.


The photos above show some of the activities which the cadets enjoyed during the week.


By Off Cdt Lee