Method of Instruction Course

On 14 May 2011, FS Ewers and Cpl Evans were the first 966 Sqn cadets to attend the new Method of Instruction Course at Wing Headquarters.  At the CO’s discretion, this course is open to cadets who have satisfactorily completed the Master Air Cadet syllabus and wish to proceed to Instructor level.

The course lasts one day and consists of a number of topics such as: instructor qualities, the training cycle, the structure and plan of a lesson, aims and objectives, etc, after which the cadet has to deliver a 5-10 minute presentation of their own. The object of the presentation is to test how confident the cadet is in front of other people, their bearing and how well they involve members of the class in the lesson.

Following a satisfactory completion of this course, a cadet has to present another lesson in the normal squadron training environment.  This will be assessed by the Sector Commander for 966 Sqn, Flt Lt Breward, who, if satisfied that the necessary standard has been met, will present the cadet with an instructor cadet’s yellow lanyard.


by Cpl Evans