National Air Cadet Training Centre – Llanbedr 2013

Llanbedr was amazing from very start to very end.

First off we all met up at Edward Brookes Barracks where the majority of us piled into the minibus for the very long trip to Wales.  Arriving at Llanbedr we met all the staff and other cadets.

The first full day there we went canoeing; we all either did our 1 star or 2 star canoeing course. Afterwards we all had great fun jumping off rocks and getting loads of photos. The second day we did a 1 star or 2 star kayaking course during which I went too fast and capsized.

On the third day half of us went climbing and the other half went walking, I went with the climbing group on the 20 metre rock face. Towards the end of the day we abseiled down the rock face being very carefully and expertly instructed by Cpl Walsh.

On the fourth day we all went micro-naving where against all expectations we didn’t get lost. The same day we left for our overnight camp were we slept in very windy conditions. On waking we began the rest of the journey with CI Josh Spencer leading the way.  At the top of the mountain there were extreme winds and very icy conditions; not a good mix for walking and I slipped a number of times but it was great fun and I would do it again as I’m sure everyone else would.

Moving on to the sixth day we went indoor rock climbing reaching the top of every single route that was accessible and we also practiced more abseiling. The day ended back at the centre with a BBQ.

Then on the last day we had to return home, this was the worst bit of the trip, leaving.

The food for all of the week was great and expertly cooked by our sqn Adjutant, WO Lowe.

This was the best cadet camp I have ever been on.  It was a great mix of cadets and staff with great opportunities to build your teamwork and leadership skills and a whole lot more.

Cdt Morrison