Pirbright Camp

On 18 August, FS Evans, Sgt Thompson and Cdts Farrand & Gardnerleft to spend a week at Pirbright Camp in Surrey

On arrival we were split into Flights of 12 cadets with an NCO in charge of each Flight.  Following this we were welcomed by the Camp Commandant Squadron Leader Mark Trevena who explained the programme for the week.

The next day at a massed first parade the ATC Ensign was hoisted and we started the three day “Blue Phase” which involved a number of different activities including an obstacle Course, pilot survival training, leadership exercises, first aid, self-defence training, radio communications and aerospace training.  A number of VIPs were invited to attend the final day of the Blue Phase.

In the evening to mark the end of this phase all of the cadets and staff got dressed in their brightest shirts and grass skirts ready for the Hawaiian party night.

The next morning we started the Green Phase which was held in the Ash Ranges Training Area. This gave us a chance to brush on field craft skills in preparation for the final exercise.  This was a day and night exercise where each flight had to locate an ‘enemy’ position, note various details, and then leave a ‘bomb’.  All without being seen or heard!

The week ended with a display of continuity drill followed by a formal review and march past.  All 966 cadets agreed they had thoroughly enjoyed their time at Pirbright and would hopefully be back next year.

FS Evans