Royal International Air Tattoo

During July a number of cadets from the Squadron were lucky enough to attend the Royal International Air Tattoo (R.I.A.T.) annual camp at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. The camp had many purposes, one of which was to support the organisers in running the biggest air show in the UK. 

Cadets had the opportunity to spend either 7, 10 or 14 days on the camp. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 10 day camp between the 16th and 26th of July. Upon our arrival we were given a safety brief which included everything from campsite safety to what to do in the case of an emergency (which thankfully was never put in practise). After the briefing, cadets settled into their accommodation.

The following day my flight (Comet) was helping pack lunches for the 4,000 volunteers who help make R.I.A.T. happen. Following an uneventful week of laying out traffic cones, setting up the viewing village and having a good laugh, it was finally time for the air show. On the Saturday we were manning the crowd line, which thanks to the co-operation of the general public was uneventful. On Sunday we were staffing the blue zone entry gate, distributing maps, programmes, and leaflets. Monday was spent giving the site a full check for any foreign objects that could cause damage to departing aircraft after which we enjoyed watching the visiting aircraft depart. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent taking the cadet campsite down, during which cadets had a hugely enjoyable water fight with staff to keep cool in the 35 degree heat (which was won by the cadets).

Sadly, Friday was time for me to leave and after all the Facebook name exchanging it was finally time to say “Farewell” and thank the staff for such a great camp.               

Cdt Osborne