Swimming for Success

At Temple Pool in Cowley, Oxford, the Cadets of the Air Training Corps Thames Valley Wing turned out in force to swim to win the right to progress to the Regional competition.

10 Cadets from 966 Wallingford turned up to compete, supported by the commanding officer at his last wing event as a member of the squadron. There were 8 in the junior boys and 2 in the senior boys categories. Winning gold in three events (Junior Boys Butterfly, Individual Medley and Team Medley) Cadet Marcus Gardner says ‘I thoroughly enjoyed wing swimming and am delighted about the three medals and being selected for region’, He and the rest of the medley team (Cadets Blomfield, Osborne and Pugh) were delighted too when they beat the competition by about 20m.

The squadron came third overall in the junior boys’ category, a great improvement on previous years’ performances. The cadets plan to return next year and gain as many first place trophies as possible.

Sgt Thompson