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Silver D of E Practice Expedition

At the beginning of October, 7 Air Cadets from 966 (Wallingford) Squadron took on the challenge of completing their silver DofE practice expedition on Dartmoor National Park.  We were camping there for 2 nights and 3 days.  We tackled a lot of windy and uneven terrain and even had a bit of sunshine for a short period!  We walked for 27 miles over the moor and along the way encountered cows, sheep and horses.  We used our map reading skills to help us stay on course and to walk the distance we were aiming for.  As well as map reading, we were cooking our own meals on gas stoves.  This was good fun and of course we got to taste our own cooking – which surprisingly was quite yummy.   The

D of E Practice Expedition

Seven of us who were participating for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award went to Bramley Training Area in Hampshire to practice for our main expedition. We stayed for two nights camping in a field and spent the days hiking and learning key skills for our expedition. This included first aid, navigation and team work. On our hike we planned our own routes and made certain checkpoints. Also we cooked our own food, for example frankfurters and pasta, and ate lots of haribo to keep our morale up! Over all, we had a great time and hope the assessment will be just as enjoyable and fun!