Wing Challenge

On Saturday the 25th of October approximately 250 cadets from Thames Valley Wing took part in Wing Challenge.  This involved a variety of competitions including first aid, field-craft skills and drill. Some cadets said that drill was the best part. The drill competition is split into two parts: the drill cup and the drill plate. The drill plate is for the smaller drill teams with seven cadets in the team and for the drill cup you need thirteen cadets, including an NCO. Cadets performed to staff who judged them on their drill skills, performance and uniform.  One cadet from Chipping Norton squadron said they were really pleased with their performance and couldn’t wait to hear what place they came.

Another activity that the cadets took part in was fist aid. When the cadets arrived they had to check for danger. The dangers that the cadets found were:  a cooking stove still running, there were trip hazards, and there were electrical cables around.  Cadets were faced with a number of challenges such as unconscious casualties and heart attacks.

After a long day of activities and competitions cadets were treated to an amazing dinner including chocolate cake. A corporal said that he could not wait to have a plateful of chips at the end of the day. Some cadets were faced with cooking their own meals which were tested and judged by staff. The meal that Wallingford squadron decided to cook was a rice dish with tomatoes, peppers and onions. The staff members commented that the meal was delicious.

Cadets taking part in the cooking competition.