Wallingford Exam Success

966 cadets recently sat classification exams to further themselves within the Corps. One Tuesday night in March, they came into the Squadron ready to focus on their examinations and, about a month later, the results were in!

Having sat exams in Basic Navigation, Principles of Flight and Airmanship II, Cpl Hupe, Cdt Allen, Cdt Hasker and Cdt Jenkins all achieved a Pass at Leading. Cdt Hupe gained a Credit.

After sitting Propulsion and Air Navigation, Cpls Godfrey and Payne passed Senior Cadet exams. Cdt Teague gained a Credit and Cdt Crook achieved a Distinction. This was one of only five distinctions awarded at this level in the wing.

For the new Master Air Cadet level, Cpls Evans and Harrington obtained a Credit. Cdt Whiteside achieved a Distinction; one of only four awarded within the wing. These cadets took two each of: Aircraft Handling, Propulsion, Air Navigation and Advanced Radio and Radar exams. These three cadets, having completed the full Aviation Training syllabus, will now attend a Method of Instruction course as the first step toward becoming Instructor cadets.

Congratulations to all the cadets and to their instructors!

Any cadets who didn’t do as well as hoped will have an opportunity to re-sit their exams in May, so all is far from lost!